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Dear customer, You can find magnificent knives of Fenix-knife production in hands of professional chefs, hunters, fishermen and also connoisseurs of art and antiques from all over the world and we are going to continue creation masterpieces special for you.

Our knives are not only an instrument-it's great mix of high-quality, exclusive materials for handles( whale's bone, mammoth's dents and tusks, rare species of wood) and blades (Damascus steel). For the fullest realization such an ambitious idea our experts always look for the unique raw-materials from all corners of the world. Handicraft's secrets , long-term experience and traditions, natural materials are the basis of Fenix-knife production. Exclusive indicators of our craftsmen are frequently added by comments of famous masters and experts from Europe, The United States of America, Asia, Middle East and Russia. Our works become favorites of admires among professionals and even amateurs. Person, who is looking for a present , gets thing, which makes a point of status and intelligence of recipient, as well as belonging to the group of art-lovers and owners of artistic values.

The beauty of nature in a tandem with modern technologies as well as traditions can become essential part of your future collection. We are looking forward for any questions, recommendations, wishes from you - we will answer and help you with great pleasure immediately because our company is sure that incredible results and desired knives are achieved in cooperation and collaboration between us and customers. We guarantee you aren't able to be indifferent to our wonderful knives; new arrivals and collections are waiting for your exacting taste in Fenix-knife store.

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